Catholic Identity

Mrs. Tara Banaz CSW 2019

Dr. Joe Costic CSW 2019

Mr. Dan Roccato CSW 2019

Mr. Steve Sweeney CSW 2019

The experience of educational achievement in a Christian community at Our Lady of Good Counsel School will help our students recognize and develop self-discipline, honesty, social responsibility, consideration, self-reliance and charity.

Our parochial school is truly an integral part of our parish life. It provides our children with the best education possible – a Catholic education, centered on Jesus Christ. It is both instructional and formational.

We strive to provide students with a strong foundation and basic knowledge of their faith so they mature in their religion and in their lives. The goals for the various levels of instruction are based on the developmental needs of the children, the deepening of moral values, and the teachings of the Church.

Through the dedication and partnership of administration, teachers and parents, we believe that our school helps students excel in wholeness and holiness. We have accepted the responsibility to provide them with personal, moral, and civic values – the principles that express our obligation to God, each other, our community, and our country. Building on this foundation, we challenge them to be creative, think critically, inquire, discover, and have fun as they learn.

Excellence in faculty, curriculum and instruction is the foundation of an educationally superior institution. Our Lady of Good Counsel School displays this excellence in all areas, which makes it a sound educational investment.

Twinning  Schools

The staff and students of Our Lady of Good Counsel responded to Pope John Paul II’s challenge to promote acceptance of a culturally diverse society and the need for global awareness by implementing a unique project called “Twinning: Weaving Lives Together.”  Students expand their knowledge of other cultures and socioeconomic groups by interacting with impoverished students in Jamaica, and also assisted schools in Camden, New Orleans and Kentucky.  They have assisted with technology and the construction of a science lab in Jamaica.  Teachers hope this continuing project will instill leadership qualities in Catholic students as they become aware of the expansive world outside their own doors.  Student journaling and shared letters enable them to record their reflections and share them. Children also began a peace crusade, motivated by witnessing a world populated by violent factions.